How do you post a picture?

I can’t post a picture right. As you can tell, I want to know how to post pics.

You can use image hosting sites like image shack. Or you can use online photo albums like flikr or photobucket. They will also give you the script you need as it think it’s a generic HTML code. I’m not a computer dude though so don’t hold me to that statement. I use a forum app on my iPhone that hosts pics automatically when I want to post something. I can’t edit them at all though.

Be warned though if you use flikr or photobucket the image link will break if you ever delete the picture from the account.

i posted this from Facebook.

goto your photo album on facebook, select your album, then click on which picture you want. Now, right click on the image, goto properties and copy the part that is next to URL (address), put that into the “[ img ] [ /img ]” html parts and voila!

i really hope that helps

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As noted, use an image hosting site. Then you put the image URL between the image tags.

[img]image url[/img] (this is the bbs code)

The sites usually give you both the bbs and html code to paste directly into your post. Use the bbs code.
Or you can use the Additional Options… below and put them in as attachments.

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Thanks I can do it!

But wait, using the Additional Options is the easiest but I can’t write somthing then post a pic then write somthing under the pic. The pics are always on the bottom of the the post. And when I try to post from flickr, this happens:

This does not appear to be a link to a pic:

The above appears to be a link to the web page your image is on.

A pic link would look something like:

(Note the file extension of “.jpg

So it would look like this:

How do you get a real pic link?

Do you mean one generated by the hosting site that you can paste into a post?

I’m not familiar w/yahoo’s pic hosting policies, but there are some that don’t like you to link off of them. They want you to have to go to their site so you see ads and such. Maybe yahoo is like that. The link I posted above for your image I kind of had to dig for. I pulled a “view source” on the yahoo link you posted then searched for the images in the code.

I use both imageshack and photobucket and when I upload pix the links are automatically generated and listed right with the image.

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YES!! Thank You jhb8426!! Thanks!

Yeah, that’s more like it. :wink: