Whenever I try to put a picture on a post, when I post it, all that comes up is a blue square with a question mark in the middle. Can someone tell me how to post a picture!?!?!?!?

Are you hosting your images on a server like photobucket or imageshack? They need to be.

If you are, do you use the link they provide for posting on a forum? maybe post an example of how you do it.

Well, I click the image button on the post an image option when your posting something. Then in between the two bracketed things, I copy and paste the link to the photo on like flickr, or something. It’s not my picture, it’s just a picture that i found.

Right click the image, and there should be an option that says “open image in new tab” or something like that. Click that, then paste that in between these: http://link here

Hopefully this should help.

OK, mrcnja pretty well lays out what to do…

But I have a question. How do you just go around grabbing other people images? I mean I know the mechanics, but did you ever stop to consider that they’re not yours to share?

First of all, flickr (which is what I was using), says photo-sharing website. Second, it wasn’t anything important, it was just a wolf for the who likes wolves thread.