i <3 sharpies

(BB) #1

Yay!Replay shaved,highwalled,and sharpied lol.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #2

Simple, yet elegant.


sharpie comes off of plastic and has inconsistency in colour strength…
sounds just like something BB would do :D!

(BB) #4

Yupperz! ;D


Now the response is jutting out. welcome to snagland.


what happened to I don’t like targeting people?
the graphics are nice, but the response is super responsive…

(BB) #7

Nope very unresponsive. Im going to cut the response area to fix it.


what I see is a stock replay that you colored on…where is the “highwall” and where is the “shaved” part of the yoyo? And what ever happened to it being broken ( http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,21225.0.html#lastPost )?

(DOGS) #9

You know since you have those photos on photobucket you can just embed them in here so we can see them without opening up another page.

(Mi) #10

I think this looks amateur. Like you gave a yoyo to a 2 year old and they colored on it.
It will wear off and make your yoyo a mess.

(BB) #11

i filled the craks with some super glue sanded it.Cut the rim a little shorter the highwall is shaved on the side so it isnt that big and the response is sticking out that needs to be fixed.


Thats a little below the belt. It doesn’t look like what i would expect the guy who made a “homebrew dark magic” but i would also say that next time create a stencil so all the marks are exactly the same


He is just being perfectly honest…

(BB) #14

i was bored and out of dye and all i had on my desk was some shapies and i didnt like the plain white and played around and it wasnt cutting well so i did this

(M²) #15

sometimes it’s best to say nothing

(Mi) #16

Thats right then nobody can improve on their faults. Great plan.


No you say consructive critizism.

(Mi) #18

Okay. Moving on.

(LookAYoYo) #19

how do you embed from photobucket? everytime i try it, i get the small box w/ a question mark.

sorry to momentarily thread jack

(Mi) #20

You copy the link that contains the bbcode in it already…
It should look like this