First and Hopefully Official Moyo Throwdown

Where: Missouri State Yo-Yo Contest
When: Whenever people are in for it
Prizes: We’ve got some coming. Right now atleast we’ve got Ikyo and BBYY(maybe)
How many contestants? We need AT LEAST 10 to do it, but the downside is we can’t have any more than 16 so it’s a first come first serve type of thing.
How to enter? Contact me through PM or at or on Aim at BlazinAZN412

How this is going to work: It will be a 1-on-1 battle type thing. you will each have 3 chances to land your trick after you’ve successfully landed your trick your opponent gets a turn. At the end of the round you will be judged by Myself, Brad Moss, and a Surprise 3rd judge. The winner of the round moves forward to face off the winner of another battle. It will be a bracket style battle.

Sound cool? Alright. See you all there!