Firmy or Capless


I want to know which one of these yoyos performs better


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Generally speaking, we don’t like the “better” thing. Why? Well, better is dictated by preferences.

Now, let me speak about the Firmy, because I don’t yet have a Capless(it’s planned):

The V-shape is good for horizontals, and any regular play. Generous catch zone, good stability and very smooth. The halves are tapped so the yoyo has a hole in the center for the axle, and as a result, it’s not ideal for that gyro spin trick people have been doing. You CAN, it’s just you don’t want to be in the center for that, and then it makes the trick harder.

The Capless has a softer rim(rounded), so it’s going to be a bit more comfortable coming back. The halve is tapped, but not through, so the gyro spin trick is more suited for this one. The rest, I can only assume, based on my DiBase, is going to be similar to the Firmy: V-shape, generous catch zone, good stability and smooth play.

Tough call. They cost about the same, they both would play amazing. Again, preferences play a big factor. Either will be a winner. Both are great and amazingly priced. I’d say if you can, get both. If you can’t, flip a coin.


Both fantastic throws with great stability, speed and comfortable shapes. I’d give the slight edge to the Capless because the finish is a bit better for finger and palm grinds and the colourways are a bit more inspired.