C3 Capless or OD Burnside


Hi everyone,
I am looking for a yoyo to buy in December, and from what I have seen, these two seem like the best for a yoyo in the 65-100 dollar range. What do you think I should get?


Toss a coin. I have the Burnside, and I’ll be getting a capless in due time.

The Burnside is more of a Code 2/Protostar shape. As the axle is exposed in the middle of the rim since it used a tapped design, it’s not good for the gyro spin trick, and the shape isn’t the greatest for horizontal. Aside from that, a solid performer you’ll have no regrets with.

The Capless appears to be more of a soft V-type shape. It should be OK at horizontal, and the smooth inner portion of the rim lets you do those gyro spins if you can land it.

It’s not a matter of best or better. It’s a matter of what matches your preferences better. I can’t do horizontal, and I’m not concerned about the gyro spin trick yet. I am into fun and enjoyment, and with that in mind, both will blow you away with performance and value. Both prove that you don’t have to spend a ton to have a fantastic yoyo.


Both aree awesome yoyos!! They play differeent from each other though. If you like light floaty yoyos go for the Capless. If you like a more solid heavy player get the Burnside.

Both will give you equal performance and quality.


Ok, thanks. I’ll probably get both eventually, but I’ll get the Capless first because it’s cheaper and it’s a semi-limited run.


I’d say that is a good reason for the purchase. Enjoy. I will be getting a Capless soon.