Dv888 or Capless?


Just started throwing again and want to pick up a decent yoyo to learn some advanced tricks. Which one would you guys recommend? The Capless or the dv888?


I’mma say Capless.


I would also recommend the Capless. It is more stable and would be more of what one would consider a typical sized throw. Dv888 is an undersized throw.




Capless by a mile.




This isnt even a question. Capless all the way.


Capless for sure.
The Dv888 tilts off axis too fast on a trapeze.




This one is a no brainer.


Thats what I thought, thanks for reassuring my answer guys!




All the way capless


In case you’re still unsure, Capless :wink:



I have both.

Capless. It’s not even a question about which.

I"m not saying the dv888 is a bad yoyo, but when it comes to performance for me, the Capless blows this thing away.


Thats kind of a rhetorical question. obiously the capless. It’s a great yoyo.