Fireball transformed to string trick yoyo

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Ok so i love my fireball. it was the first “high performance” yoyo i had. i learned all the intermediate string tricks on it, yes a plastic transaxle lol but i wore it out :frowning: i used it so much that it squeaked whenever it slept…but now i figure out that raiders have the same axle size muahahahaha so i put the spacers and the bearing in my fireball and it can play, the starbursts are worn down so its unresoponsive! i also put little homemade cardboard shims behind the spacers that way they wouldnt have to be perfect! its almost as unresponsive as my hitman muahahaha im gonna probly use it in my plastic yoyo video contest entry. this can also be done to raiders, just add the shims behind the spacers.

thanks for reading! have a nice day!


I took the transaxle out of my fireball. I put a medium spacer, a thin spacer, and a ball bearing in it.
It is unresponsive and I can almost do Cold Fusion with it.


cold fusion is easy


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