I’m looking for many things, obviously. These don’t have to be mint, but they cannot be beat.

YYJs I’m looking for Smooth only. Means a minuscule to no vibe; means that grinds should have no wobble at all
-New Breed
-HG yoyos - K-Os, Spinfaktor, Matador, etc. Little to no vibe! That means minimal, not visible wobble.
-Night Moves 2-5

Delrin - Hit me up with an offer
GM2 - Anything but first run

This is pretty much what it looks like. I will upload pictures of it the way it is pretty soon.

Has a nice satin job and feels soft. No caps at the moment, but will probably send a request for some from YYJ, or if you buy it you can easily do it yourself. Plays with some vibe, but plays as well as my near dead smooth Legacy.

$15 shipped in the US.

[s]Including cell phone pics for the sake of including pics for now:

The major marks on the yoyo (same parts, just different pictures)

Very nicely satined Nats X-Convict. I did not like the camo job on the rims, so I took it off. One side has a slight amount of smoky camo paint/anno on it I kept on because it looked like smoke and I thought it was cool.

This thing is probably the best Vict I’ve played with ever. Has almost no vibe and grinds smooth. Satin job gives the metal a nice feel and grinds nicely.


I have a velocity for trade. PM me for details.:slight_smile:

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