Finger spin with genesis. Please help!

Can you finger spin with a yoyofactory genesis?? Ive been wanting to learn this trick for a while. Thanks for the help.


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You can finger spin any yoyo without caps (though some still try). However, some are easier to do it on than others. The Genesis isn’t the easiest, but it’s possible.

How about the one drop t1??


You can fingerspin with almost anything, some just harder then others. I can and have fingerspin with a YYJ Dark Magic I/II, Lyn Fury, and Classic, all with or without caps.


One thing to keep in mind: some yoyos facilitate fingerspins that are fully horizontal for long controlled spins. Other yoyos really only work if you’re slightly off-axis. So it depends on what your goals are for fingerspinning.

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Like the Prestige and the 86400

I’ve fingerspun on a spinstar, so yes

Here is Reiki about a minute in doing a fingerspin on a Genesis (as confirmed through YYF’s askfm) in a vid about a year before the first C3 fingerspin vids came out haha

Also keep this in mind, some will just plain spin out once it gets fully horizontal and your finger will start going against the wall in every possible way haha

Source: I can fingerspin on my Classic, Shaqlerstar, MagicYoYo D5 (not fully horizontal), Go Big (4A anyway), and my friend’s Genesis, YYO Brave, and Aura before he moved away.

Yeah, I don’t think that video precludes anything I said. :wink: If your goal is not minute-long fully horizontal finger spins, you can do it on almost anything. I don’t own many yoyos that can’t fingerspin for at least a few seconds.

Are you sure that’s a Genesis? It almost looks like a Super G.

I think kohta watanabe has been doing them longer but that’s beside the point.

I can get a Minute fingerspin with my Classic. No modding required.

For those who don’t believe me I might be able to get a vid.

(you use the tiny dimple in the center of the caps).