Finger Spins and Grinds


Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to finger spin




Nvm me no good finger spin yoyo i thought you can do it with anything


You can, some are just easier then others. I can Fingerspins with every yoyo I mentioned in that video, it’s just harder with certain ones

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You can FINGERSPIN a protostar, Andy?


I can fingerspin on a Shaqlerstar/Northstar if that counts.


I can do that, but sometimes my nail gets stuck in between the weight ring and the outer part of the yoyo. I’ve only done it once, and it was for half a second then I binded. It was on a roll model (Steve brown signature)


Whenever you get good at fingerspins, you can basically fingerspin anything. The main part of fingerspinning with a protostar is to just bind quickly.


Yes, and a Classic, and a DM2 with and without caps :stuck_out_tongue:


I technically can but it feels instead as if i was doing a reverse thumb grind.
Still cant get anything out of a phenomizm tho.


I did a five second fingerspin on my Phenom if that counts for anything (no caps)


So you can finger spin with a dm2 without caps how about the whip