YYJ Theory finger spin! Help!

I’ve honestly had the YYJ Theory for ages! But I just prefered playing with my YYF Equilateral. Now I’m just switching plays between my different yoyos and stumbled back to my Theory.
Since I’m back with the Theory, I really wanted to learn some tricks which were unique to the yoyo. And I’ve always wondered how do people finger spin with the theory!? so much precision needed just to get your finger dead centre!
Anyone have any tips or progressions?

Its hard and will take practice… Make sure the yoyo is completely horizontal before u even attempt it

If the caps are at all slick and grind-friendly, you could always neo-matador to horizontal and the yoyo will already be spinning on your finger. This is what I do with the Prestige.

Nope haha, there’s no sticky out bits nor are my fingers longer enough for my nails to grab onto the centre of the 2 caps to be able to do a successful matador. I mean I managed to do it a few times but I always knicked the centre of the caps with my fingers as I try to use my nails to grab, leaving me with a near dead spinning yoyo.

However I did manage to finger spin a few times by doing a horizontal forward throw instead of horizontal break away. Dam centre! JUST GET ON MY FINGER!!

Need to practice my horizontal play in general after my exams :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestions!

Pretend the the yoyo has hubstacks, but don’t hold the yoyo too tightly. That’ll help you at least get it on your finger, though it will reduce spin time.

Make sure to throw it as horizontally as possible before popping it up