Finger shock!!!!

Hey I’ve just noticed that when I bind I often get a static shock that runs up my string and shocks my finger :confused: is this normal? Anyone else had it happen? Btw I use 50/50 string typically :confused:

No that is not normal. Did you change the string and try it again? How about try different strings on different yoyos or the same string on different yoyos. I guess anything is possible but that’s strange.

Are you sure it’s static? It might just be the string snapping against your finger. I get it a lot. It’s kinda cool, actually! :smiley:

I agree. Sometimes when you bind, some extra string will hang off the yo-yo and wind up quickly and hit your finger.

You’re a superhero! Use your power wisely.

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lol it’s just string hitting your finger, not electricity…

It shocks before the yoyo starts to climb :confused: it’s most definitelly not the string I can tell you that :stuck_out_tongue: like as I bring the loop into the gap it shocks then begins its ascent… It’s very odd

Not normal at all.

No, actually, I’m thinking before that. Right at the moment the string bites (and before the yoyo actually starts to climb), the little bit of slack tightens and can smack against your finger just right. It feels almost like a little whip crack.

Nope, never experienced that.

haha no…its abstring whip. trust me…even though its far from the hand it’ll get ya.

Lol, electricity… Like everyone said, it’s just the string snapping right against your finger. Happens all the time. I think it’s kinda cool. Just let’s me know i gotta nice tight, snappy bind.

Okay :slight_smile: haha I guess I’m just paranoid :stuck_out_tongue: thank you, although my dream of supercharging myself and becoming an electric superhero is gone