Finger loop


I remember seeing at a club meet somebody had a yoyo attached with some other not instead of the traditional slip knot. The string went through itself somehow. Anybody know what I’m talking about??

(major_seventh) #2

Riccardo Fraolini style.  You untwist the string and insert the other end through it.


There is only one real advantage to that method.

How ever long your string is; it will be about 2+ inches longer by using that method.

Ideally; the string you start with does not already have a finished loop.

Obviously if your string already has a loop on the end; and you are determined to make the string longer; you will spend the time to un-knot the string in order to use Ricardos’ method.

It doesn’t offer any additional anti slip properties. It just gets a few more inches of length.

(rizkiyoist) #4

And more fragile too, because the knot will be the weakest point that will see a lot of pressure.


I’ve used this method for a long time. I’m 6’5", and until the past few years strings were always just a tad too short. I usually retie the knot at the end. The stock knot I’ve had come loose and my yoyo go flying across the room.

Also, this method was used by some of the old Duncan demonstrators way before Riccardo was around, quite possibly before his parents were around ;D


I was looking to add a little length to strings I bought. I bought kitty fat for the first time and wanted a little longer string. This worked!


Good advice, I may double knot as well

(Zammy Ickler ) #8

disadvantage: You cant do moebius :frowning:


(rizkiyoist) #9

Who cares about moebius anyway.

Though I was joking, unfortunately there is some truth to that.
Also the fact that you can’t compete with it since it doesn’t belong to 1A anymore.

I tried, and maybe I’ll try again next time.