FINALLY! Florescent yellow nylon

({John15}) #1

I’ve been chasing this idea for a long time, and thanks to @codinghorror, it finally came to fruition!

Nylon is notoriously impossible to find in fluorescent colors, and the answer is dye baby!

I haven’t gotten the process down completely, but now that I’ve done my first run I will document the next one and share it here.

Man, this opens up a whole realm of color possibilities!

Ahhhhhhhh! I’m so stoked about this!

Oh, and FYI: this string looks really fuzzy because it was the roughest string of my first run. The rest of them don’t look fuzzy like this.

(Ethan Evans) #2

That is some amazing looking string. When i started to make string, i was thinking the same thing, you cant find bright colors. Looks like it turned out great. I cant wait to see how its done.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #3

Wow, that turned out nicely!

({John15}) #4

Thank you! :heart:

(ClockMonsterLA) #5

Aww yisssssss…!!! :+1:


Looks nice! Keep us posted on how well the color holds up after some play. I would think dyed string would fade after some time right?

(ClockMonsterLA) #7

Maybe, but the real question is whether or not the color would fade before the string just plain wore out. I mean, I know that nylon/poly blend lasts quite a bit longer than straight poly, but still, I wouldn’t expect a fabric dye to fade that quickly.


Zipline dyes a lot of their string, possibly all of it. They could offer better insight but I’ve never noticed any appreciable fading in a string’s lifespan.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #9

They dye their nylon strings specifically because you can’t buy them in neon colors. There’s a lot more color availability for polyester.

({John15}) #10

Yeah, this is very permanent dye. I have to rinse out all the excess before they dry, so these are not going to fade anytime before the strings are worn out and useless.

({John15}) #11


These bad boys are V I S I B L E ! :radioactive::flying_saucer::green_heart:


See now come on, you cannot tell me plain vanilla white is better than that :heart_eyes:

({John15}) #13

It is when paired with certain yoyos. I like white string a lot, but this is cool too

(ClockMonsterLA) #14


I’d also like to see what they would look like without the green threads. Just the neon yellow.

({John15}) #15

Well, the original picture up at the very top of this thread is pure fluorescent yellow.

(ClockMonsterLA) #16

Ah, yes, right! Duh.

I really like that pure flourescent yellow. What other flourescent colors are at your disposal? Any chance you can do neon orange?

({John15}) #17

In time, I plan on broadening my color selection. Fluorescent orange, green, bright teal, maybe even fluorescent hot pink. But for right now, I’m working with yellow and green.

(ClockMonsterLA) #18

Awesome. I love those colors!


Look what I got in the mail today!

Compared with a kitty fat neon yellow at the bottom there.