DIY String making revelations

I recently picked up a new set of thread colors and some Coats & Clark clear/white nylon to make some string with, only to realize that the nylon I had bought was actually 3 individual threads wound INVERSE. I thought that meant I would have to unwind and rewind in the opposite direction everytime the bit of nylon I intended to lace into the rest of my Poly/Nylon strings, but I figured instead first to atleast see what would happen if I just went ahead and wound the nylon into the rest of the string, inverse wound as it came. The results really surprised me, the tension was definitely reduced in the nylons windings as I tightened the string as a whole, but come time to string it up and see how it would behave I was pleasantly surprised. It maintains tension and whips and slacks more beautifully than anything I managed to cook up before, while not really having any of that bouncy nylon feel that i have never much cared for. Im experimenting winding it both ways but im finding that using a combination of torsion ratios within a single string is yelding better results than every thread being equal.


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Really interesting find


Thanks! :smiley:

Its definitely brought out in nylon what ive always wanted (the slacks/whips/tension holding capability) without the rough/springy feel. Its as if the nylon is just laced down the length of a Poly string already doing all the work, not adding its own properties into the thing so much as helping balance the polys negatives.

If anyone would be interested in some string trades in the future for sure let me know, always looking to try other things/find new ways to improve my own formula/ share my own. :slight_smile:


Made a new string. I have always wanted to make a visually appealing string but it always seems to come at the expense of visual acuity / clarity. Everybody uses pretty much highlighter yellow or white these days, and for good reason, its the best! Lime green often is a close second. That being said, I have also experienced the advantage of a twisted colorway because it serves as a great indicator of string tension. I decided to try to get both by twisting a highlighter yellow with highlighter pink string, and laced 25% clear nylon in. The result is probably the best string I have made, its as easy to see as a yellow string if not easier, and the twist is beautiful while serving as a tension indicator.