Fiesta XX
FiestaXX by Bryan Figtree, on Flickr

Nice Bryan! I cant wait! I Loved the original Fiesta. Your my all time fav 4a Player btw. :wink:

Awesome! I tried the original Fiesta and I really love it for 4A! I can’t wait to see what this new one brings!

i dont like my fiesta :’(. maybe i will try this to see if its better
X_X by Bryan Figtree, on Flickr

Coming soon

Woah that looks amazing

looking forward to trying this!

Hey Bryan, could you start a yoyojam manufacturer thread? Just do it in the manufacturer section and I’ll move this there for you. This way anything from YYJ can be put there.

I’m excited, but Solid Spin… does this mean you can’t finely adjust the gap anymore? I guess shims will have to do if you need to adjust the gap.

YESS!!! i didn’t really like the original that much, the gap was too thin for me, but i hope it doesn’t have metal weight rings,

With this packing a large bearing, I imagine the bearing gap has been thought out ALOT, I doubt you will need anything on this to make it play amazingly


i already have orig fiesta :slight_smile:

Wow that really looks awesome, I want one