FHZ caps

Okay, everyone says its easy but im pushing hard as i can on the axle and the cap still wont come out, any help? please reply and one more question, i have a EMEME and i was wondering if the BOSS plays similar or better, im hopeing better…Thanks

For the FHZ caps, just use a small knife(with parents permision!) or a tiny screwdriver to pry the caps off.

The Boss should give you longer spin times than the EnemE, but the EnemE is much more agile.
So the question is, are you willing to sacrifice grindability and a little algility for extra spin times?
If so, get the Boss.

Or, if you feel you don’t need that little extra spin, but still want a nice 888-like throw, get a 44.


Don’t try to push the caps out. Prying them out is also not a good idea. Slam them out. You are applying force in a much shorter time when you slam the caps out. This breaks the static friction of the caps much better than just trying to push them out. Simply put, it is easier and safer.

i try to slam it too, and my want list right now or my next list i can say is Boss, ickyo agape, 888x, and kyo dns, are these any good?

Yeah, slamming usually doesn’t work at all lol just pry it.

Yes, all the yoyos you listed are “good” but not all may be good for you. What’s your preference?

Boss - Rim weight enhanced 888 with no stacks. High wall, unlike 888x.

Agape - All metal X-ConVict.

888x - Stacked Boss with a high wall and more center weight.

DNS - No clue, but all other Kyo yoyos I’ve tried have had vibe and slipping problems.

Since your favorite yoyo is the EnemE, you might like the Agape. It’s a lot like the EnemE but a lot more angular.

slamming is the best way. Slowly pushing creates too much force in the middle of the cap. Slamming it doesn’t gives almost equal force. The cap will pop out before you crack it. Prying it out will work but it WILL cause damage to the cap. Trust me. I’ve modded at least 100 zeros. I’ve only cracked one cap. It cracked because i tried so slowly push it out with the axle. Slamming is the first and best way. when you slam it try to give the cap enough room in your palm to come loose. Sounds harder than it is.

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I have tried slamming it a lot of times and my favorite yoyo is the hat trick and g5

Nope, prying is much easier. ;D ;D

I’m a bit confused on why you’re still arguing, Jump.

i tried prying too, cant get the screwdriver to get in the edge :smiley:

Try getting a smaller screwdriver, or just use a pocket knife or something.

Wait. Is this a new FHZ? Did you buy it used? If you bought it used then it could be a FH1. If it is then there is no chance of getting the caps off. Don’t even try. Take some pictures so we can tell you what it is.

its a clear FHZ off of yoyonation.com

Then yes, slamming IS the best way to get it off. Prying is NOT, and will most likely damage the yoyo.

False, the Boss is NOT highwalled, and the 888x IS.

apparently, you don’t weigh enough. i put the yo-yo over a block of wood, gripping the sides around the cap firmly and PRESS down (slowly and carefully) with the incrementally added force of my weight. this method (which jack ringca advocates) has never failed me, whereas with ‘slamming’, i’ve slammed the axle straight through several LE caps, ruining them. prying, you stand a much greater chance of leaving marks on the cap or yo-yo.

I’ve done the push method several times too (not quite 100 like icthus), and you do have to press down hard to pop the caps out. It sometimes requires several pushes, and when I was pushing them out this morning (to paint the insides), one came off fairly easily, but when I pushed on the other half, it didn’t want to come out, and when it did, it went shooting up in the air and landed under my desk. Lucky that it didn’t manage to pop me in the forehead (and leave a cap-sized imprint).