should i get BOSS or 888x ?

i know i’ve asked alot and thought i was set on BOSS. but what about 888x? :-[

Dude enough with all these threads.
Update an old thread or something.
888x Is floaty, Boss is more rim weighted/stabilized.
888x for stacks, Boss for no stacks.

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but i can’t freaken find anyplace that has the BOSS! IT’S PISSING ME OFF. SO SORRY

Well then theres no where you can find the boss. Check BSTs, other websites, etc, etc.

Lol, Matt has this thread covered.
You shouold listen to him. Check BST, check yoyoguy, check yoyonation, chack yoyosam, chech twitter for YYE restocks.
and for the yoyos, look up some reviews and see which one you like more based on that.

if you were set on a boss get a boss, i know that for me the more i think about what yoyo to get the harder it is to choose, just set your mind on one and block out all the other stuff

i got the BOSS. ordered it yesterday. red and gold. it’s all over. phew. but i ordered it off of like or something weird like that

Good choice. You’ll love it.

To answer your first question. Yes you should.

yoyoloco is my local yoyostore. it is awesome ;D

Get a BBYY TT!!!

Stop making new threads for this question. Anyone remember LD? Yeah…

Pick a yoyo and stick with it. Seriously. If you don’t like it, you can trade it.

888x. stop reposting plz