BOSS or 44?

I am possibly looking in too getting a Yoyo Factory BOSS, but the 44 caught my eye as well. I was wondering if anyone could compare the two? I also own a 888, so would either of these yoyos be kind of a waste of money in comparison?


well, the Boss is kinda like an 888 without hubstacks. the 44 is kinda like the 888 without hubstacks.
the main difference is that the boss plays a little lighter i think
it is a toss up. what looks cooler to you?

Well, thats the other problem, I really like the look of the Boss but every single yoyo store Iv been on says there out of stock, accept for the Green/silver color (which I don’t really care for). I should have just bought a black or red/gold when they were in stock :-\ If anybody knows a store that has one of those in stock I would really appreciate it :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll just stick with the ol’ 888…


Ive owned a 44, boss, and 888 at one point, and it goes like this personally.

  1. 64g 888
  2. 44
  3. boss
  4. 67g 888
    07 (maybe 08 also) 888s are 64, everything else are 67.

44 is my favorite throw. Its fast and comfortable. The decription doesn’t lie, I always find myself coming back to the 44.

what does this mean? do you mean this is the order you liked most? everyone has different preferences.

yeah, this is just my preferences, for what they are worth.

The 44 was supposed to be an improved boss but the boss plays faster and I like it more because of that

i prefer the boss because its more stable