Boss vs 44

I want a yoyo around 80 dollars that has a long sleeper and is stable. I love yoyofactory and undersized yoyos. What is better, the 44 or the boss? Are there other yoyos that would be better :)?

IMO i would get a boss, i tried both, my friend has the 44 and it broke really fast (dont know why or what) and it had some vibe, but its preferance

BOSS all the way, I like it better, my 44 broke in like a month.

this is who i was talking about

My 44 has been holding up just fine and to be quite honest they’re both amazing yoyos. To honestly answer your question, they’re pretty much equally stable and both have more than enough spin than you’ll ever actually need. Go for which one you think looks cooler or flip a coin.

Boss will give you much better spin times than the 44. 44 is great for it’s agility, but it won’t rip through demanding combos quite as easily.
44 special has better spin times, but it’s ~20 bucks more expensive. :slight_smile:

44 anno not good. My friend’s anno Faded in a month cos the string was rubbing againts it.

Where are you guys getting these 44s from? Mine’s been in constant play rotation and it’s still as pristine and beautiful as the day I got it over 2 months ago.

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Yah, i sent it to yyn to get fixed, the bearing got screwed up or something, but the 44 would only spin for like 20 seconds and it was extremely responsive.

I’m leaning towards the boss. Yoyoexpert told me they would restock soon but I check every day and I haven’t seen anything.

Well YYF is sending out new stock and I believe they said some new colorways too for worlds. I’d say probably within a week or 2.

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Cool! Thanks!! 8)