FG CLYW pads?


i got a FG CLIFF, and after I threw it for about 10 minutes, one pad started falling out. Did anyone else have this problem with their CLYW?


Usually, that does not occur. Was it because the sticky part was wearing off? You can always buy new pads from yye or the CLYW store. if not try gluing them back on with a glue stick of some sort.


Try shooting CLYW an email about it. I doubt they’ll take the yoyo back but they might send you a pair of replacement pads. If not, CLYW snow tyre pads aren’t terribly pricey or difficult to find.



If nothing else, shoot Chris an email to let him know. If its a common thing he hears about it might be bad application or maybe even a bad batch of pads. Letting him know could save a bunch of other people getting bad pads.


Yeah, one pad’s sticky part got loose, so I just ended up Monkey Snotting it.


Maybe it was a Fools Gold pad :stuck_out_tongue:


Good one! (Would give a thank you but on mobile)

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