Duncan SG Stickers


So… I’ve had some problems with them. They often fall out really fast, and I recently was completely unable to get the plastic covering off of the top. What would be another option, other than flowable silicone? Would YYF pads work?


I’m not entirely sure YYF pads would work, but I’m sure there is an IrPad that would fit. I think you’re looking for 19mm OD slim pads. I’d probably go with flowable myself.

What yoyo(s) and what are your weather conditions? There should be no plastic covering the tops. It sounds like you have the pads in upside down. I haven’t had to change pads in any of mine that use the SG pads, but typically, the plastic covering is the BOTTOM, covering the adhesive.


Both my Echo and Raptor have this problem. They just tend to fall out fast (a problem I’ve heard from other people with their SG stickers). It’s just hot here, not much humidity, so I wouldn’t think that would be an issue. And no, there is a plastic covering. I’ve gotten it off before. On the bottom where the adhesive is, there’s more of a wax paper on it. On the top on the actual silicone, there’s kind of a thin plastic sheet. Also, YYF pads are 19mm OD slim pads. I prefer them much more, so that’s why I was thinking them. It seems like they would work since it says they’re the same size…


The heat may be breaking down the adhesive. You can use a touch of contact cement if you want.

If the YYF pads are the same size and you like them better, what the heck, give it a shot. If they fit, then you just found your solution. It’s all about preferences, and if you prefer that and it works, then by all means, do stick with that solution.


I’ve had this kind of problem all year round with these pads. Either way, I think I’ll go ahead and try YYF pads. Sounds like it would work, so I think I’ll just go for it. Thanks. :slight_smile: