FG Canvas or Cascade?

I’m trying to decide which one to buy…

Everyone is going to say cascade but let me just tell you that I love my foolsgold Canvas to death! And its cheaper then the Cascade so there.

Yeah thats kinda what I thought too but meh idk. How much would a mint oold gold canvas go for retail?

& I love my canvas too but i kinda want another. BUT at the same time id love to try the cascade so idk

Well I bought mine from the hands of Caribou Chris for 80$. And if you already have a Canvas then ignore what I said and get a Cascade.

ya if you already have a canvas, the cascade is defenitly the way to go.

Cascade is awesome no matter what. Canvas is great, but I think one is enough.

How does the Cascade play? it looks sosooso nice. perfect shape for me.

I found the Canvas to be a let-down in performance. It’s like “I want to be a Peak, uh, no not really”.

The Cascade was smooth, went as fast or a slow as you want it to go, good weight, good balance, nice weight distrbution, makes you want to play it more. If it’s not perfect, change the side effects, but odds are you won’t need to. I can’t wait to get mine. It’s being delayed as part of a shipment with a few other throws. Letting the seller not spend a lot on shipping!

Despite differences in shape, I actually enjoy them both equally. The canvas wasn’t a let down in performance in my opinion. Its an extremely smooth throw, and great fun. But being that they are comparable in performance, I would rather have one of each than two of one.

I’d get one of Jason Wong’s Cascades or the Wasteland edition Cascade.

Cascades are in right now so yeah. You’d have better luck getting better trade/sell offers than the FG Canvas. I’ve seen a guy where he took almost a year to sell his FG Canvas.