More trade value in the long run?


Hey everyone, I was looking into buying a new throw.
Right now it’s between:
A Fool’s Gold Chief, Fool’s Gold Arctic circle, or a One Drop Cascade

I’ve never owned a CLYW so how would a fools gold play?
I know the Cascade is an amazing player so there are no worries there.

My next question is which one do you think would have more trade value in the long run? Thanks for the help! =]

(G2 Jake) #2

Both brands keep value well. I’d suggest the A grade though. Never know what you will get back for a b grade


Yeah, I know what you mean. B grades are kind of like a shot in the dark, but the temptation of a CLYW is to much :wink: I’ll probably end up getting a Cascade in the end.


I would go with the fools gold chief. Chris takes the quality of his throws very very seriously. The odds of getting a FG chief with bad vibe is SO slim. Most of it is just for ano flaws. Go with a fools gold chief, you won’t be disappointed.


I know the quality is there with a CLYW but if I were to trade/sell it i may not get that big of a return on it since it is a Fools Gold. I’m leaning more towards the Cascade, but the CLYWs will still be in the back of my mind :wink:


The Fools Gold offerings won’t give as good of a trade value in the long run. But, when I buy, I buy for me without thinking or concerning myself about trade or future selling as I’m building my collection and sometimes price plays a factor. In some cases, the Fools Gold offers the graphics I’m looking for, not available in their A-grade lines.

CLYW are good brands though and hold their value. It’s just that the Fools Gold is known to cost less and will therefore sell for less, both on retail and after-market.


The honest answer is both will hold their value just fine, in the end you will never get a grade value for a b grade throw. The CLYW, One Drop brands are among the best and most respected in the community so I would base your purchase on which throw fits you best and don’t worry about value later on down the road. I have never had a problem with the quality of CLYW fools gold line and I own several. For the quality they are in my opinion a steal but go with what makes you feel good! ;D


A FG Chief will hold it’s value to be about the same as a Cascade.

Actualy, kinda depends on what colorway. A FG Petr Kavaka will hold up better than a FG Foxy Moss.