Festa xx

Does it have rubber rims like most offstrings do?


Well does it ding up

not really, a few scuffs. i wouldn’t play over asphault if that is what your asking. carpet and grass youa re good to go. the dirt and grass marks wipe off

The Fiesta xx is one tough throw. I have dropped mine thousands of times over asphalt and concrete and it still looks and plays just fine. No cracks.

I agree the fiesta is a pretty tough throw, But if your looking for rubber rims for a certain reason. (bounce catchs, playing on hard surfaces, special tricks.) Than I’d recommend the Aquarius if you can find it (their is one website selling them now, plus you can use synergy caps) or the go big. I find the hayabusa SL to be undersized for offstring play and a little heavy.

i scratched mine up but after a hour of play the plastic settled to a circular shape and is unnoticed in feel

Sure. It can get nicks, scratches, scuffs. It doesn’t get dings, that’s more of a metal thing.

They can take a beating.

If you don’t want to damage a yoyo, don’t throw offstring. You’re going to drop it. Guaranteed. Even rubber rimmed yoyos like the aquarius or go big get wear and tear. They’re durable enough though that it doesn’t effect play.

i threw mine up about 20 feet and it hit a rock dead on caught it and no dings and what not

The rims of my Fiesta XX are all scratched up from playing over concrete.

LOVE the Fiesta XX. Gotta get me 2 more! What colors… I have blue. Red and white?

It does, but it won’t do anything to it. As far as depreciating the value of it, it’s just a Fiesta XX.