I’m looking to do offstring and I was wondering if all the offstring yoyos can “bounce” if dropped whether deliberately or accidentally

well any offstring yoyo made of plastic will definantly have a little back up bounce but as for the ones with the rubber rims might shoot backwards or fowards when they hit the ground. my yomega xodus does it all the time.

yes they’ll bounce.
from what I’ve seen, plastic bounces much higher than rubber.
My aquarius doesn’t bounce particularly high, but my friend’s equinox does.
I’ve actually seen somebody use the bounce as part of a trick

whats a good $25 and under offstring nyoyo for this?

Fiesta XX… I picked one up at worlds today and its sick.

Im in the hotel room with wifi …hahaha ;D

another choice is a big yo. also got it today at worlds :slight_smile:
I’m thinking about getting a fiesta xx tomorrow though.

DO IT^ :smiley: