Expensive Offstring yoyos

Do all these 100 -150 dollar Offstring yoyos actually sell? I just dont understand spending that kind of money on a yoyo that by the very nature of the style spends alot of time hitting the ground.

I guess if your already very good at offstring and your not constantly missing and kissing the ground it might be worth it.

Any Offstring guys out there want to comment on this?

those offstring yoyos are ment to be used by people who’s offstring throws usually don’t hit the ground.
i use a fiesta xx and it has hit the ground 3 or 4 times in the last month. and they are still pretty durable.

Thats funny considering that bouncing the YoYo off the ground is a trick. Lol ;D


Yeah offstring yoyos ate meant to take a beating. Come to think of it so are metals, we just freak out about dings.

It’s hard to justify or wrap your head around a high price tag until you’re highly invested in something. I’m sure we all recall thinking 60 dollars for a metal was insane, but look where we are. It’s no different for other styles, including offstring and looping.

1a isn’t all that different, considering Walk the Dog and what not.


I"ve purchased 2 $70 Offstrings, and like a good metal for 1a, it makes a difference. I mean, many of the pro’s use plastics (Fiesta was mentioned), but for that intermediate level where you are getting to the point where you want to try that fancy around the body trick, a high quality delrin 4a throw will give you the stability that a cheaper plastic won’t. It’s the same principal as Jensen winning worlds with a Protostar, and yet we spend $130 on a Gelada or more on some metals because we like the stability and longer sleep times and general forgiveness.
I beat my 4a throws on the ground all the time. I’ve only broken one, and it was a cheap plastic, the $70 delrin seems pretty durable.