Has someone tried the new YYJ Fiesta?


How does it play, can it stand 4a dropping abuse, is it suitable for begginers?


I think its really good

(jared) #3

it was really really good imo better then the big yo! it can take drops. It probly would be suitable for a beginner.


Is this better than the aquarious?


Bite your tongue!

(Johnny rocks!!!) #6

you take that back!


It’s just different from the Aquarius. It happens to be nearly identical, but it plays totally different. It’s a very good yoyo.


does it survive high drops? I might get it because the aquarious has rubber for drops right? and i damage my 4a yoyo, which I need a real one because im using a yyj journey


Journey works fine, but yes the Aquarius has rubber rims. I’m not sure if the Fiesta would survive “high” drops, but it did just fine with what I was doing. I wasn’t throwing it up 50 feet in the air and missing, but probably a good 10 feet on some of them.