Feel like I'm in a rut

      I've been throwing for a little bit now and I just feel like I'm in a rut. I have all of the basic mounts down, trapeze, double, triple, wrist, and so on, along with some minor slack tricks. I just don't know what to touch on now, it just feels like there is so much I could learn but what is actually worth it? Help! 
                                                                                                  Your dear friend,


Get put and push.



I love candy slack, gets you going.

Gotta love the speed combo

What else…

Check out some cabin tuts over a clyw.ca

Rethinkyoyo has some nice stuff

So does highspeedyoyo.com


Do you have a good tutorial on Candy Slack?


Slusny has a pretty good tutorial for Candy Slack


Can you do kwijibo? I feel like that’s a good one from the basic mounts. Yoyotricks.com has a pretty good progression and plenty of the longer string tricks.


Oh the joys of that feeling huh. :wink:

Sounds like you have a good basis for some trick building blocks to move forward. Others mentioned some good tutorials already on other sites. I feel it is also worth trying out some tricks of your own! Take what you know and try to find ways to snake one element into the other.

Also, sometimes when I feel I’m stuck and can’t do anything else, I’ll go search youtube for YoYo videos I have not seen yet. Even if a featured yoyoer is levels beyond me, sometimes watching can give a spark of inspiration or a quick element I feel I could use. Definitely worth a shot.

Hope you can get out if that rut! It will happen sooner or later. :slight_smile:


It’s a pretty lame feeling but I’m sure with the community’s help i’ll work my way out of it!


I’ve looked at it I just haven’t attemted it yet i guess that’s where i’ll start! Thank you! :slight_smile:


It’s difficult at first, so definitely stick with it! But I feel like it’s a really impressive trick, and not too hard, so it’s a good one to start you into the more advanced stuff.


On the topic of more advanced stuff I don’t really get how to get into long string tricks lol


You just pick one and start. Most tricks can be logically broken up into pieces. Just start with the first piece, and when you can hit it, start moving on to the other pieces. yoyotricks.com is good for that, they do a good job splitting up their tricks into logical pieces.

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watch someone else make up a trick it, could inspire you to make up your own tricks.


This is extremely helpful thank you!



That will give you plenty of tricks to hopefully draw inspiration from.