Feedback for Doctor_Filthy

Just completed two Buys with @Doctor_Filthy

One was for a G2 - Decade - Nebula

Its a super nice throw and arrived quickly, very well packaged and in described mint condition.

The other was for a MonkeyFinger - Aotus - Monkey Bile.

im lovin that one. An Aotus was on the top 3 of my must haves for my collection. Super happy to get one. It also arrived quickly, was very well packaged and in described mint condition. And…and it came with a treasure chest of goodies…like custom made matching strings…the original box…which I didnt even know he still had…ummm…a yoyo belt strap, some buff…and some cool stickers.

And for both these throws…Doc cut me two solid deals…more so because he knew I would enjoy them and they would have a good home.

So would I do business with Doc again? Most definitely !..but I hope he holds off selling his good stuff for a bit so I can save up some more money.

Thanks very much Doc !