FD Snapdragon, orchid, stem system discussion

Im loving mine. I contacted them on FB and asked about a buying option for purple size D response kit and they were very helpful with making it happen. It’s a great yoyo and it’s always exciting to see something like the stem system.

I only have the snapdragon but for those of you that have a stem system yoyo:

Does yours have nail vibe?

Do you find it difficult to get the last few threads when tightening?

Mine has a small amount of nail vibe but I don’t mind.
I think the yoyo is interesting and fun. If you buy extra stem kits it’s easy to color swap. Comparing size D and C bearing let’s you see what you prefer.

If you have funds I say get one. If the orchid was still in stock I would buy one.


I’ve got a 3d printed model with stems from Arthur that was pretty smooth. It’s been very beat up by my kids but it’s still solid.

I’m hoping to see Arthur on the 21st at club and get a few more stems to mess with if he has any and ask him more questions. I’ve been lucky to have been playing with these prototypes since early this year and had got to see some of the early iterations of these awesome kits and unique yo-yos.


Keep me in the loop please

if you got any questions specific for Arthur I’ll be happy to relay them if there is time.

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I really like that the response system is polished. I also think that the step between the yo-yo body and the response system is a nice choice. In theory, the polished response system should make horizontal play easier.


It would be cool to see some of the prototype stuff

Any word on if/when these will be available on YYE? The stem system looks like something I could get behind.

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I got an Orchid at Nats and really enjoy it. It does have a tiny bit of nail vibe but not enough to feel it on the string. The body is made of teflon so I figured it would have some vibe. No big deal at all.

My favorite set up so far is with the C stem and a One Drop flat bearing. Just feels right for the organic shape and binds are much less snaggy than with the D stem + concave bearing setup. I need to get a flat D bearing to compare.


The snapdragon has such a good “ping”

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