Need foxtail review


Was thinking of getting a Foxtail from Foxland precision yoyo. Has anybody played with one of these and if so, what are your opinions of it?
Is it comparable to anything else?
Thanx in advance.


Pm Zach Smith I know he has played one.


Was really trying to find one by someone that is not directly tied into the company. Zach is in the same yoyo club as the owner and his son, and therefore may not necessarily be impartial.
Anyone else use this?


I love my foxtail. I’m eventually planning on putting up a review of it. It tends to play responsive, due to the small gap, and aggressive response, but you can easily configure it however you like.

In a lot of ways, it reminds me of a fine tuned aluminum FHZ. It’s comparable in size, shape, and weight but it’s a much more solid player. Very unique, and it’s a total steal for the price.

(Jonathan Brasell) #5

I’ve got a Foxtail this last december. It was the first metal yo I’d bought. The Zach Smith demo and the pricetag made it an easy choice. I’ve loved it and the first week I had it, I prolly played it for 60 hrs…no joke. My skills improved exponentially with it. It being my first unresponsive yoyo I wasn’t disappointed. It’s quiet and smooth. Mine came Stock with DIF pads…since then they started making their own. That being said, if you like DIF pads, Foxland is hocking their stock off for like $1 a set. I shot an email to Alvin to tell him how much I loved this yoyo and to find out what bearings they used (because they’re slick!) and he said that they’re actually something he’d found that are used for RC cars. He let me know that they’ve also started including an additional bearing that is a little wider, for less responsive play.

I liked the play with the DIF pads. Once I wore them out, I siliconed just one half of the foxtail rather liberally. That worked just fine. It hasn’t rapped me on the knuckles unless I deserved it. It’s pretty forgiving.

also, you can have it engraved before shipping. I couldn’t resist. I had them put my lucky number on it. you can see it over there, in my avatar. It’s a handsome devil, huh?

For the money, I don’t think you can beat it, I shopped pretty hard. And for my first aluminum throw, It’s a winner. I’ll compare everything else I get to it.

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Possibly coming soon

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yay :smiley:


can you review the Katz Meow too.