Foxland Precision Foxtail

Well, in America, there is a little heard of company known as Foxland precision. And for being little known, this company make the Foxtail, a yo-yo I am happy to call my main 5a player. Here are the specs:

Width: 1.515 in. (39 mm)
Diameter: 2.370 in. (60 mm)
Gap Width: .140 in. (4 mm)
Bearing: 5mm x 11mm x 4mm
Response: Dif-Size Pads
Weight: 67 g
Additional 5 x 11 x 5 (D-size) bearing also included

Its bearing size may be a bit different than your normal C-bearings, but don’t let that put you down. This yoyo is a beast. One thing I like about this is that it can be any response you want: Semi responsive, unresponsive, or responsive (my pick). Now the thing about this yoyo is that it is noiseless. Utterly soundless. No vibe. None. Smooth, like liquid on a string. Now that all sounds good, but is also a con. With a good throw and a lubed bearing, you don’t know if it’s even moving. I’m dead serious. If you don’t look at the side or have love marks moving on the rims, you DON’T KNOW. I also like the very classic body type it has, it just looks so oldies, and I love it. It also can come with a custom engraving if you want one. Grinds aren’t its forte, but can be done I recommend this for 1a, but mainly 5a. It’s a fantastic transition. Instead of buying a metal zero for forty bucks (Mine threaded grrrrrrrr… resentment followed…), get this for 9 more dollars. You’re getting a MUCH better yoyo in terms of build and play, and you’re helping the little man.

Everyone likes helping the little man!

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that looks pretty beastly… were’d you get it?
btw, good review. Told me basically everything i needed to know.

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I got mine, in orange, from psin, a forum member.

katz meow looks cool

I made it unresponsive. It adds noise to it, making it not dead silent, but still dead smooth.

Sweet… this place is basically down the street for me… time to break out the cat burglar skills!

Only kidding. I emailed the guy, he says he does regularly attend the Team Chaotix meats in Nashville. And regularly brings some of these for people to try out. I haven’t had a chance to make it to the meets yet myself, but I plan to soon. I think they’re taking a break to restructure or something ATM, since Brandon Jackson used to run it and now he works for Duncan and handed it to someone else. Anyone else in the area, should keep that in mind if they want to try these.

All of his look nice. I think I’d have to go with the Katz Meow or Cyber-Yo. But in all honesty the Foxtail for the price and versatility is pretty sweet.

i like both this yoyo and the katz meow. both are dead smooth. only thing that i noticed though is that the the katz meow tends to turn. still, both are awesome throws.