A triple threat form Foxland precision.

Just received three of Foxland precision yoyos. I have only been playing at nonresponsive for about six months, so I am not the most qualified to review nonresponsive throws. With that said I will give it my best shot. First impression of these are they are nice and very well made. The fit and finish is as good as I have seen on yoyos costing much more. I bought them to work on my nonresponsive play and I think that will do nicely. They come in plain sturdy boxes, form a collectors point of view I would like to see some graphics on the boxes, but that is just my thinking.
First up is the Honey Badger. It is a little smaller then I would like, but remember pervious statement
(I am not the most qualified to review nonresponsive throws).
The specs are:
Width: 37.6mm
Diameter: 50.6mm
Bearing: C
Response : Silicone
Weight: 61g
Color: Black with Silver accents.
The little bit of throwing I did with it was fine, again remember pervious statement (I am not the most qualified to review nonresponsive throws).

Next is the Katz Meow P511. Again the fit and finish is as good as I have seen on yoyos costing much more. The specs are:
Width: 41.6mm
Diameter: 50.6mm
Gap Width: 3.5 or 4.5mm
Bearing: 5 x11x 5mm
Response : Dif size pads or Silicone Response
Weight: 66g
Additional 5x11x5 d-size bearing included.
Color: Black, Orange or Black Orange combo.
It threw very nicely as well.

Last is the Katz Meow Sv2, fit and finish just as good as other two.
Specs: Width: 41.6mm
Diameter: 50.5mm
Gap Width: 3.5 or 4.5mm
Bearing: 5 x11x 4mm
Response : Silicone Response
Weight: 62g
Color: Gold satin blast
It threw very nicely as well.

I see where Mark Allen, Brandon Jackson and Zack Smith (Tennessee throwers) offered a lot of input in to the designs of these throws. These seem like very well made throws and I am looking forward to using them to get better. A big bonus in my book, they are American made. tim

I love my Katz Meow and am waiting on a Honey Badger. Nice write up/pics. I didn’t realize there was a weight difference between the 2 Katz Meows. I might pick up the v2 now. Also, just curious, did you order these from Alvin on Ebay, with the sale?

all I know is that man makes some Quality throws. His yo’s should be more common than they are.

I’ve never hear of them company, but the yoyos look really cool. I also love the names!!! I mean the Honeybadger??!? That’s pretty awesome. ;D

I’d love to try the SV2!

Also, Thunder Wasp, FoxTail, etc.

Ebay for the maker.

I love the thunderwasp, that yoyo is amazing. Wish I had one with the C size bearing.

Wish I lived closer to him. I’d love to see his shop.

Thanks for the post, and the kind words. Much appreciated!

More people need to buy from this company.

Update on a Foxland precision throw.
I have been using my Honey Badger for 15 days now. It is a sweet throw. My non-responsive play is getting better. Better that is for a 54 year old man that has been only at it a few months. The thing that has impressed me the most about it happened yesterday. I was waiting for my food order at Popeye’s, while waiting I was throwing it. When the order was served, I pulled it off my finger, then horror stuck. I dropped it from 3 feet on a hard tile floor. I just knew it was dinged at the least. Upon examination I found no damage. No ding, flat spot or even a break in the anno. My Duncan MayheM has a nice chuck of anno missing from just hitting my watch. I just knew my Honey Badger was damaged. It hit hard. You cannot find a spot on it at all. Alvin builds one fine throw. tim

I got in contact with Alvin over at Foxland to get a quote on machining and decided to buy a Honey Badger later the same day…

…what an AWESOME throw! Solid, stable, well balanced and the finish is incredible with great detailing…I had to buy one for my friend since I just know he is going to love it as well. I can’t believe these throws are not more widespread.

Agreed. I would also add that if you like smaller sized yoyos, it is a real gem. The thing that I enjoy the most is that it is light weight, but still has great spin time and it is stable for a small, light throw.
Foxland Precision makes great yoyos, I have the other models too, but the Honey Badger is the first one that find myself using a lot. I had to get multiples. For a small run, American made yoyo, it’s a very good deal.

Couldn’t agree more! Since I’ve gotten it I started carrying two yoyos, my Nessie and the Honey Badger. It is lightweight but at the same time has a great solid feel to it which I love since it keeps its presence in hand. I really do think that I will be buying another for myself as well. I just can’t say enough positive things about it and I’m considering adding it to my review list…its just amazing.