Foxland Cyber Yo?

I am looking into getting the Cyber Yo from Foxland Precision. I love undersized yoyos and want to try something new. So, has anyone tried the Cyber Yo? Does it play well? And what is it’s bearing size? Thanks. :smiley:

Has anyone tried this yoyo? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, im not familiar with the Foxland brand. The only one ive heard of is the katz meow. Based upon the review from SBL (string burn live) I would either stay away from foxland or hang back until more reviews are formulated. Foxland is a small company that seems to be non-profit. The problem with non-profit groups, is that if you are not completely dedicated to satisfying your customer, these throws seem to have cutbacks made. From what iv’e heard, the katz meow does not bring anything innovative to the table such as HSpin’s hybrid bearing. It’s just another yoyo. The thing that sets one company from another is it’s quality and innovativity (not a word  :-). For example, onedrops are cheap, but they are some of the greatest yoyo’s ever made. Onedrop is a non-profit company dedicated to the end-game user. In terms of innovation, The 888x brought smoothness and the g5 brought stability to the table, smoothness and stability unparalleled by any yoyos besides Oxygens (which were $150+, ouch!). Of course, l am basing this theory on the katz meow. While the same may not be the case in terms of the cyber, I would avoid the buy from these foreign companys as not many reviews come out for these products. If you truly want a non-profit yoyo that plays well, get something from one-drop or VS newton until reviews come out.

SBL vid

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When you say foreign, do you mean like not known that well, or a different country foreign? Because Foxland yoyo are made in Tennessee.

I can’t speak for the cyber but I have a Foxland Foxtail and it’s a very nice yo. Totally vibeless and with very precise machining. It even came with a little baggie of spares (strings, slightly different bearing, replacement pads etc.) These guys obviously care about quality… but they are an indie yo company. Their yoyos are slightly off mainstream styling. I like the foxtail for that - different feel to everything else I have, and worth it for that alone.

I would definitely give foxland yos a try if they interest you. You’re sure to get a unique throw and the prices are quite reasonable. Just be aware that (apart from the Katz Meow) their configurations aren’t the most popular for 1A. (Heavier, larger diameter than most popular throws, and comparatively thinner.)

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Yes, by foreign I mean unknown.

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hold on, i found Chris allen’s review on the katz meow, mabe his opinion is different: