Foxland Precision Honey Badger

I was on Facebook and saw a friend of mine bought this Honey Badger throw in red with silver lines on it. It looked really nice and I had never heard of it and never heard of the brand Foxland Precision either. I quickly went to Google looking for the website and found It and checked out what all they have. I was quickly impressed to find out its pretty much a one man business out of Tennessee and to see his variety of throws was very impressive. Most of them used D size bearings but the Honey Badger used a C size. I contacted the company and talked with him about doing a review on one since I had not seen anything on youtube or any forums. I offered to do a review on the Honey Badger and send it back too him in a week or so of play. He said he needed a review and sent me one free of charge it was B-grade but is 100% ok I would say just a minor mistake.

Width: 37.6 mm
Diameter: 50.6 mm
Gap Width: 4 mm
Bearing: C
Response: Silicone
Weight: 61 g
Price: $85

This is an undersized throw and I do not own many of those but the closest thing I could compare it too is the Onedrop Deitz.

The size is very close to the Deitz but the Honey Badger is much lighter. The thing is pretty fast just like the Deitz and the catch zones remind me of each other. They do not feel the same when played but the visual looks similar to an extent. If you like the Deitz size you also like this throw for the size.

Personal opinions
I really feel like this is a quality throw. The finish on it is great and grinds so well. It has no thumb grind groove but it grinds well still. The appearance is what really drew me to this throw. I think it looks elegant almost yet simplistic. The craftsmanship of this is high quality and I would be happy buying one for the price they sell them for. The response bothers some people but I like it and if you do not like it you can replace them with Onedrop ghost pads or your own silicone. The bearings that come on them are subpar mine got pretty bad very quick but Ive had good bearings do that to me as well. I just threw a OD 10 ball in it and it zings! I am not one to like undersized throws, I prefer oversized to be honest but I do really like this thing. Its one that gets to go in my box that only holds 8. So really if you don’t have bad luck with the bearing this thing is perfect out of the box. They respond to facebook questions also so thats really nice to have that kind of support if anything goes wrong or you just have a question. The only thing is that it is sort of light at 61g and that bothers some people. I thought I only liked 65+ gram throws but I do really like how fast I can play this without it going sideways on me. I tried some horizontal play but I am not very good at it yet but it seemed fine for it. Its a very smooth ride with a nice bearing in it as well. No vibe at all. I would recommend this throw to anyone who likes undersized throws and even to people who are unsure if they do. If you just hate undersized this one is not for you but you never know I like all kinds of throws that I wouldn’t of thought I would like. If you have never herd of this company go check them out, shoot a like to them on facebook or just admire the pretty pictures in this review!

How does in grind and regen?

I said the finish is nice and grinds great in the review as to regens I don’t really know can you regen well? I can regen every yoyo I own some are easier than others but I have never encountered a throw that cant regen at all. This one is about as easy as any other undersized throw to regen, takes a bit of practice to get them straight but I do not really have any problems I don’t encounter on any other throw I own with it. Id say a 1 out of 10 on regens Id give it a 6.5 to 7.

Thanks. I do horizontal regens so…

So yeah you would be able to do regens just fine, I cant do much horizontal play but I can do the banana turnover with it. I try to regen that sometimes, I do it sometimes and sometimes I don’t lol

I had a similar experience regarding weight with an Aoda Pirate. It’s about 61g. I thought it would feel insubstantial, unstable, and not sleep long. Instead, it’s everything a yoyo should be, just lighter.

I don’t know Foxland was still around.

Yeah I had a pirate too and It did feel that way. This guys a little smaller that the aoda pirate so you really notice that 61g but you get used to it lol. I think anyway lol my pirate is at a friends house and I have yet to compare them

What’s the axle like?

Great review. I really like your pictures.

Foxland isn’t a company in the news much. Don’t they do machining for other companies?


Like any other axle, even has the allen. I do not feel worried about stripping the axle when I put some muscle into it. Its long enough to not worry :slight_smile:

His card that comes with the throws says Specializing in Precision Yo-Yos Quality Parts & Machine shop service

Foxland needs more hype. I loved by Badger when I had a proto. They do great work, and even machine for several reputable companies, such as Ten Yoyo. They get none of the recognition they deserve.

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