Ummmm... (Loop 720)


(Sorry if this is the wrong category)

On the YoYoExpert site, the picture with the logo and two Loop 720s in the guys hand, it shows a color way with an Solid Orange and Aqua Caps. I want to buy that, but it’s not available, is it a mod? And if another seller sells it, please pm me. (Any messages including links to another yoyo carrier will get flagged)

(André Boulay) #2

It was a John Ando edition that came with the YoYoFactory Mystery Box in 2017. Will have to trade for it!

(Sergio) #3

Yoyoexpert loves to tease. I wanted the glow in the dark yoyofactory tool like the picture shows but they don’t sell the one pictured, only black. That’s ok because I bought the black one and made it even better!

(ChrisFrancz) #4

What did you do it? Looks nice!

(Sergio) #5

I took automotive paint and filled in the logo with white. I used acetone to clean off the excess