Looking for a talented modder to work on aluminum


I have one of BLTYYW’s protos. It’s a really cool shaped yoyo and all the dimensions and everything are great. The problem is the vibe. Unfortunately the aspiring young designers hired a machinist who didn’t have quite enough experience with things like this, and it’s cause some issues with vibe. I’m not too picky, I don’t mind a bit of vibe, but this makes grinds very tough and thumb grinds impossible. I was wonder if one of the awesomely talented people on here would take on this project for me. Maybe take a little off the yoyo to even out the weight and help with the vibe.
I am also interested in getting it anno’d if the vibe is fixed.

Please PM me and let me know what you can do and we’ll discuss logistics.

(UmeNagisa) #2

Ask Landon!
3yo3 on this Fourm!


Thanks for the mention!


Are you interested?



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Np ;D