Favourite yoyo poll

Having a vote on the best and most loved yoyo out of these:

See we’ve tried to do this before. And we end up with one problem: Everyone wants to say something else than the yoyos in the poll. But let’s give this one a shot.

Addment: It’s an HSpin Pyro, not Proyo. The Proyo is a wooden yoyo for 3 dollars or something while the Pyro is a high-end metal for 110 dollars. See the distinction?

One Drop isn’t a yoyo, It’s company that makes yoyos.

Cold Fusion is a yoyo trick not a yoyo. Add Superstar.

Cold Fusion is also a yo-yo.

Skyline for me, but it’s not up there.
Out of those, I’ll have to say Dark Magic. I haven’t tried most of them, though.

Add pgm and meteor ;D


See this is what I was talking about. You just can’t make a list of everyone’s favorite yoyo. You will end up typing down fifty different yoyos.

Technically, he said “out of these,” but I guess he is adding more anyways.

Isn’t this the third thread about this, this week? Just look to the sides of peoples’ posts!

Thank you! Finally! ::slight_smile: