Favorite yoyo

Hey guys! What’s your favourite yoyo? :wink:

if i had a nickel for every one of these threads that were made…

He just want to know what your current fav.

Even though you can see each person fav yoyo and trick right below their avatar.

Well… My current fav is a Revyolution K-2.

Hmmmm. I think my current favorite is the Code2.


It depends on my mood. This past couple weeks, it’s been my Dark Magic II… a great well-rounded (no pun intended) yoyo, great for learning on, excellent for mastering tricks with!

Yeah i also got the dm2 its awsome!

code 2

You could buy a Chief AND an Arctic Circle AND have change left over for a Positron.(and then some)

Studio42, I’ve been to BAC and Cal States. I wanna meet you

My comfort throw is a One Drop 54 - it doesn’t get enough love out there… I have three, each set up a little heavier (my GZR 54 being the heaviest)…

I’ll get the restraining order issued ASAP!

Just kidding.

Yeah, if you’re in the Sacramento area, look me up. I am trying to run weekly yoyo meets. I also try to get to YoLex meetings in Roseville at least once a month, I tend to go to the Galleria location. If you’re at CalStates or BAC, I’m the guy running sound, so now you know where to find me.

Nice yoyos guys!


Oh soo when i make a thread like this everyone says its pointless but when someone else does nobody cares… I see how it is

dude, relax. just have some fun.

mine is the protostar most likely.

Actually, what we’re starting to say is “nobody cares because these are pointless” to all of them.

I mean, these threads pop up like weekly and nobody bothers to make a token effort to scan topics past the first page. PLUS, there’s a method to see what people have as their favorite. Granted, most people probably “set and forget” that in their profile.