wat is your fav yoyo


mine is dark magic 2


free hand zero or agape


Dark magic 2



(YoYo_Freak) #5

Di Base


First and foremost: The sasquatch. Second, working very hard to dethrone it is the Code 1.


Did you maybe stop and look a bit to see how many times this topic has been posted recently? :wink:


Right now, probably the SPYY Pro. But I’m really liking my new DANG (and I liked the Chief when I had a chance to throw it).

Favorite undersized is CafeRacer.


PGM, Magic T9, Aoda Littles (Skittles), FH2010, Echo, Raptor, Popstar, RecRev No.9
-Note the diverse brandings, as in there are a variety of manufacturers that have made it on my list.


Best metal: Messiah
Favorite metal: Lion

Favorite and best plastic: Techno



any order.


for training, 09 severe and OD Code one
for show, Ni54 (YWET SEs), Xcube Steamroller
for showoff, Bape


YYJ Trinity
YYR Overdrive
CLYW Chief
OD Code 1


'09 ILYY Mary


umm he’s new


I know, so are you and you have the same problem.

You and your friend both need to slow down and figure out forum etiquette.


does the OP know that in everyone’s profile to the left of their posts you can see their favorite yoyo, along with their favorite trick and such?


The one with a string and that spins.


He does considering that he also has the Dark Magic 2 as his favorite yoyo. Just another kid trying to get a sticky probably.


Him and his friend will get a ban before they get a sticky… :wink: