Favorite yoyo promo vid?

Promo vids always entice me to buy their products more than another company’s . Some videos I just keep going back to because they are so cool and awesome. What’s your favorite promo vid??

I have a couple really, but I don’t want to spam the thread with videos so I’ll just go with my absolute favourite:

The music, the editing, the moves… just amazing.

This has got to be mine probably:

Also one of my favorites. Others have gotta be:

And if this one counts:

I’m not putting in an absolute ton (because I do have an absolute ton), but those are some of my most favorite and the ones that first came to mind.

definitely the onedrop X Clyw Summit vid. Enticed me to get one.

Of course this! I really wanted to get the Electric Flash from a promo on another website but I already got the mystery box here so I didn’t want to spend anymore money! But darn I was so close to buying the Electric Flash! AUUUUUUUUUUGIIIIIIIIE PLZ

Woops accidently reposted, was trying to modify since I put in code for the embedded player, too used to old fashioned forums. ><

omg eric koloski’s so good i cant even

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THIS. Loved it.

Yeah I love this video. Reminds me how fun yoyoing is!

I’d be a liar if I said I thought of anything but Silence of the Lambs during this one

Just off the top of my head:

I thought that the John Ando Protostar vid as well as the Superwide vids were killer!!!

The SPEEDAHOLIC vid was awesome too!

Has anyone seen the John Narum YYJ Inspire vid?? Kinda depressing. But cool too.

Anyone have any shockers??

James Reed: Prestige


First Place:

  1. Andre Boulay starring in Operation Dark Magic (Instant Classic)

Runner up:

  1. Gentry Stein starring in YoyoFactory Presents: Shutter

Definitely the Dv888 promo video. This was the first yoyo video I saw and it just got me pumped up for yoyo. I like the happiness that is put in the video. This video will always have a place in my heart :), and it also made me get the Dv888 :smiley:



One of the best overall yoyos in its class.

THE best finger and thumb grinder in its class.

(My 3rd yoyo ever - in blue)

The best introduction to full-metal yoyos.

Performs really well with Gr3at Whites.

Not a thing to complain about!

P.s. The “class” is $30-$60

This is the first video to ever make me really go “whaaaa…” to a yoyo video. Granted, I was a really new yoyoer; however, I still really like this video.

By far the prestige video.