Favorite throw by type

Types are pick and choose which ever ones you have favorites for.

fixed axle, responsive 1a, 2a yoyo, 5a yoyo, Unresponsive, Hybrid(metal and plastic), Metal, under $30, Plastic, offstring, 3a

Mine are:

Responsive 1a: New Velocity

2a: Ignite with bearing so basically a bumble bee

5a: Glow Die nasty

Unresponsive: Phenomizm

Hybrid: Phenomizm

Metal: Gnarwhal

Delrin: Severe

Plastic: Glow Die Nasty

Under $30: Glow Die Nasty (yoyo so much better than my gem PSG)

I just think this is easy than picking one ever changing favorite. This might also help beginners and people see what people actually like using for different play styles instead of the hype for a new release.

responsive 1a- freakhand

2A- speed beatles or loop 1080

5a- yyf (delrin) severe

metal- c3 darksonic

plastic(not delrin)- protostar

delrin- yyf severe(delrin)

hybrid- phenomizm

4a- fiesta xx and go big