Favorite Yoyo From Each Yoyo Type

What is your favorite yoyo from each yoyo style? Mine are:

Responsive Plastic: Fast 201 (YYF)
Responsive Metal: Metal Drifter (Duncan)
Semi-Responsive: Ooch Yo (Yomega)
Unresponsive Plastic: ProtoStar (YYF)
Unresponsive Metal: Token (C3) (sadly, this is the only one I have right now. :’( Going to get a Dash at the end of the month though. ;D

Responsive Plastic: Cherry Bomb
Responsive Metal: BMT Monarch
Semi-Responsive: ?
Unresponsive Plastic: C3 Alpha Crash
Unresponsive Metal: Skywalker or Chief

Responsive Plastic: Fast 201
Responsive metal: Metal Drifter
Semi- unresponsive: Dark Magic I
Unresponsive plastic: Protostar
Unresponsive metal: Superstar

Responsive Plastic: YYF Velocity (I would probably say Flipside if mine wasn’t out of order, LOL)
Responsive Metal: N/A (don’t have one, don’t want one, LOL)
Semi-responsive: N/A (don’t have one, and, you guessed it, don’t want one, LOL)
Unresponsive Plastic: YYJ Surge (with the OneStar close behind, it just depends on what I feel like throwing)
Unresponsive Metal: Duncan Barracuda (with the Supernova and Genesis SUPER close behind)

You didn’t make “Favorite Fixed Axle” a category! I will go ahead and add that to my reply…

Fixed Axle: TMBR Irving

Maybe the categories should be like this…

Favorite Wooden Throw:
Favorite Plastic Throw:
Favorite Metal Throw:

I just listed the categories I have some of. If you want to add more go right ahead.