Favorite string


My favorite string currently is candy wire because its great for slack tricks and holds tension well i want to try ammo though and i hate kitty string


I currently love all YYSL products especially Type X and Ammo. Also like BG1s, Dragons Fat Kitty and I also have some FAT Candy Wires and thick Metz coming in the mail that I’m going to have to try


I was disappointed by the FAT Candy Wires. They had their “up” points, but they didn’t deliver on the “fat” promise.

Thick Metz is the opposite-- almost unusably thick. :wink: If you do mostly single string layers and trick binds, though, you’re going to be in heaven!


Well, I’ve only tried Normal Kitty and YYE Poly, but out of the two, I’d go with Kitty.


I like my own string, Big Yoyo String! Type 3 and 3lan~Muse string especially. BUT, if you aren’t into that kitty nylon is pretty dope


My favorites and with reason
Ammo is great for slacks and whips is think and beat for 4a
Kitty thin is good for small gapped throws
kitty norm is good for everyday throwing
Toxic norm best for möbius

(UmeNagisa) #7

3lan~Muse string by BigYoyo.
Due to the fact I designed it to match me perfectly.
But yeah.




Kitty string for bulk, Ammo for best play ability.


Epic string whips.


JAMS yoyo sting yellow white twisted (twisted colors a bit thicker)

Kitty nylon

YYSL type 2


My favorite string is YoYoStringLab’s new AMMO. It’s thickness is fantastic for all the ultra-wide gaps that manufacturers seem to be favoring and that same thickness makes it’s whips and slacks very consistent over the life of the string. I find that it performs suicides just as well as Type 1 did and it’s lifetime is at least triple that of any non-nylon string I’ve ever used (including other types of YYSL).

I can completely understand why some people prefer to use only bulk polyester strings, but if you sit down and do the math you’ll find that using only premium strings will actually save you money over time. We all know that bulk polyester strings don’t last very long, especially when subjected to intense and frequent use. AMMO lasts me at least 15-20 hours and I would be happy to use it far past it’s “optimal performance” lifetime. Standard poly string stops holding tension for me within the first 2 hours or so, so I find myself blowing through at least 2 bulk poly strings each day. One AMMO string last me a week or more.

In the end, I save almost $40.00 per year by using the best string on the market. If that isn’t a perfect arrangement, I don’t know what is!


I’m a bit old school, but currently I’m using chaos 622 strings, they offer perfect whips and slacks. Too bad they’re no longer made :-[


I’m all about that toxic strings lifestyle

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Right now I’m really digging BigYoyo Candy string. Still loving their Panther string, too. Whips stupid fast.


I had a picture of a welt I got from a missed whip from Panther…


For regular polyester: candywires
Handmade: chaos 422, however I am yet to try most of the twisted line and I haven’t tried any yysl yet. ::slight_smile:


Guess. :stuck_out_tongue: looks at sig


Toxic Strings prototype thin variant Snakes.


Twisted strings type a1, everything I’ve ever wanted in Yoyo string after years of throwing.