favorite string


whats you favorite string for slacks,whips or whats you favorite string for any other tricks

(Edmeister) #2

In general Type 6 Polyster Yellow is my Favourite.
G-String isnt bad as well.


100% polyester highlights are all I use, so I like them the best.


Twisted Stringz ftw

(M.DeV1) #5

white 100% poly. cant go wrong with white and hey its an extra 2 bucks off.


Chaos 622 all the way!!


Kitty string (thick)


twisted stringz type A or B is what i would recomend

(ed) #9

Type 8 cotton.
Doesn’t melt under friction like poly.


type 6 green poly with a little lube on the end of the string.


I mainly use 100% poly because it’s cheap and widely available, but I love toxic string as well.


I wanna try Kevlar string