Favorite small yo-yo?

(Zakai) #41

I hope to get an undersized yoyo soon.

(Justin Thompson) #42

Magic N8. About the same size as the Boss, bujt at a much lower price point.

({John15}) #43

Colossus 4 is a mid-sized yoyo that I really enjoy. And the Turning Point houska dry is fairly small, it’s a super fun little organic.

I’ve got an OD Y factor coming in the mail tomorrow, it’s really small. I’m looking forward to getting to know it over the next couple of days.

(YoYoStringLab) #44

Love the Ministar 2. Doesn’t feel like a compromise in play.


I really enjoyed the YYR Messiah. Would love to try a Ministar 2

(G2 Jake) #47

Casefile 003 and the OD project

(Choncworth) #48

Sparrow and CF003


#yyfmightyflea for sure!!!

(Francisco) #50

I really like my topyo photon. It’s small but crazy stable and very affordable for its performance. I also have a ohyesyo hexada I got in a trade. It’s small and fun but I have trouble keeping it from spinning out. Is it a lack of technique? Or is the hexada not known for its stability?


I’ve gotta make it a point to try one someday.
I think the smallest one I have these days is the E=mc2 which isn’t micro by any stretch. I really like it, but I honestly would never have bought it if I had seen the weight beforehand (got it on BST or traded for it, don’t remember). It plays heavier, but not like I’d expect an undersized 69g yoyo to play


C3 T0K3N ftw


The mighty speck, though I’ve never thrown or touched one. I saw one though.

(Spinworthy Glen) #54

I think I saw a video of you banging out Rancid Milk on the Flea once.

Very nice!


What is the mighty speck?


For “small” yoyos, the Executive, hands down.

Undersized: Parlay, Wooly Markmont, Bapezilla, Quail, Sparrow


See also

(ClockMonster) #58

Topics like this feel like (unintended) shilling for the BST. It’s like, “Hey, what is everyone’s favorite <whatever> throw?”, and then 95% of the yoyos everyone mentions are throws you can only find on the BST. Cue the sad trombones.


I’m pretty sure the ministar is still available at some online retailers. I would definitely get on that if you are interested, because I tend to agree that the ministar is the near-perfect small yo-yo…

(ChrisFrancz) #60

The Mighty Speck! That has me laughing!!!


It is the really tiny yo-yo in the picture to a previous response I made. It is a lot the national yo-yo museum in Chico CA.