Favorite small yo-yo?


I hope to get an undersized yoyo soon.

(Justin Thompson) #42

Magic N8. About the same size as the Boss, bujt at a much lower price point.

({John15}) #43

Colossus 4 is a mid-sized yoyo that I really enjoy. And the Turning Point houska dry is fairly small, it’s a super fun little organic.

I’ve got an OD Y factor coming in the mail tomorrow, it’s really small. I’m looking forward to getting to know it over the next couple of days.

(YoYoStringLab) #44

Love the Ministar 2. Doesn’t feel like a compromise in play.


I really enjoyed the YYR Messiah. Would love to try a Ministar 2

(G2 Jake) #47

Casefile 003 and the OD project

(Mathias) #48

Sparrow and CF003


#yyfmightyflea for sure!!!

(Francisco) #50

I really like my topyo photon. It’s small but crazy stable and very affordable for its performance. I also have a ohyesyo hexada I got in a trade. It’s small and fun but I have trouble keeping it from spinning out. Is it a lack of technique? Or is the hexada not known for its stability?


I’ve gotta make it a point to try one someday.
I think the smallest one I have these days is the E=mc2 which isn’t micro by any stretch. I really like it, but I honestly would never have bought it if I had seen the weight beforehand (got it on BST or traded for it, don’t remember). It plays heavier, but not like I’d expect an undersized 69g yoyo to play