Favorite Responsive Yoyo (Old School Trick Contest)

(Jim Honaker) #1

Just to build off of @codinghorror old school trick list.

What is everyone’s favorite responsive yoyo. Old or new. Which one would you use for this contest? And of course why.

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(Alex) #2

Shoot the moon. It’s fun and flashy, and when I was a kid I knocked a tooth out doing it haha.

(Jim Honaker) #3

Yeah I still can’t shoot the moon. I do apologize though, I was really hoping for some feedback on responsive yoyos. What is your favorite yoyo. What would you use to tackle the idea of codinghorror’s trick contest.

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(Alex) #4

Couldn’t help you, the only modern responsive throw I have is a first base haha. My other responsives are from the 90’s :flushed:

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Old school: Original Super-Yo Renegade or Variflex/losi X-games

New school: YYF Confusion, CoreCo Alley Cat, or Spencer Berry’s Walter.


Yes, I like that one a lot. The other I’d name is the Turbo Bumblebee GT. I have a soft spot for the Custom yoyo Reactor, but it’s a little abusive to the knuckles.


I like Dazzling Dave’s Flips in between each Eli Hop repeater he was doing, lots of style in that video to be inspired by


Nothing wrong with the TBBGT. I should probably dig mine out of wherever it is and give it some throws.

The only hassle for current use is that the brake pads aren’t easy to find these days. So once they wear out, that’s it.

(Jim Honaker) #9

I have a couple modern throws. Deep State, Alleycat 650b, and the Gamer. I don’t have any old school throws like that. Any that I had I never kept, it wasn’t until the past few years I really got back into throwing and “serious” about it.

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Quite true. Mine have lasted a long time, but they do wear out with nothing to replace them. I wonder how it would take flowable silicone or siliconized caulk, though?

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Core Co sticker pads may work as well;

(From the cranky old folks home) #12

Except that the TBB pads are odd shaped.

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Yes, it seems to me that the sort of “reverse starburst” that you get right next to the bearing would maybe cause some problems. I think it might snag the string, but it could be worth a try.

(Niko Huse) #14

Used to have a yotricks sage, played fine unresponsive, but practicing my combos with a slim bearing in it was a blast