Favorite plastic?

Was there a thread like this?

So yeah, what is everyone’s favorite plastics.

Mine is, as you guessed, the Cream.

modded mosquito

either the Legacy or FHZ

legacy so far

Creams shouldn’t exactly count because they’re machined and work better than most plastics…

Modded FHZ, hands down. PGM, Legacy and other plastics are amazing but… Modded FHZ is the way to go.

They are plastics, delrin is a type of plastic, so it counts


i’m down with the modded mosquito.

off topic: i know delrin is a plastic but it’s often used to replace metals in a variety of applications and can be machined to very precise tolerances, not to mention it’s a far more stable and consistent material than regular plactics or polycarbonates (i sure wouldn’t want the delrin bolt in my paintball gun to be made out of the same stuff as my plastic yoyos instead). perhaps with us yoyoers it should be in a class of it’s own.

Modded: FHZ/HFH

Stock: Unstacked Grind Machine

modded free hand zero

Kickside ;D


Right now, it’s the Gung-Fu.

If bi metals counts the hitman

The PGM fa sho! :stuck_out_tongue:

PGM’s great, but I have to give props to the Freehand. As my first “real” yoyo, I still throw it to this day.

I vote PGM v2.

By chance, did you buy it from Cali?


The Legacy.


I got it from Paul Yath at BLC